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Nanotol Sanitary Set "M" Nanotol Sanitary Set
Nano-sealing set for the sealing of shower glass, washbasins, faucets and tiles - once sealed - effective for many years. Water rolls off, lime does not adhere.
1 Package(s)
From €37.90 * €39.90 *
Nanotol Sanitär Test Set Nanotol Sanitary Test Set with money back...
Nano coating set for shower-glass, washbasin, fittings with anti limescale effect. Complete set with Protector, Cleaner and Microfibre cloth.
1 Package(s)
€17.90 * €22.60 *
Nanotol Haushalt Test Set Nanotol Household Test Set with money back...
Nano coating test set for windows, conservatories, skylights, kitchen, furniture Household - Nano sealing set with Protector, Cleaner and Microfibre cloths
1 Package(s)
€19.90 * €25.60 *
Portol stone coating water resistant Nanotol Car, Boat & Leisure Test Set with money...
TEST SET: Nano coating set for cars, boats, caravan, bike - complete Nano set with Protector, Cleaner and Microfibre cloth
1 Package(s)
€19.90 * €25.60 *
5er Set Nanotol Mikrofasertuch für Displays + Brillen Set of 5 Nanotol Microfiber Cloths for glasses...
High-tech microfiber cloths for glasses and displays. Cleans without streaks, for dry and wet use, washable and great on surfaces coated with Nanotol.
5 Pieces (€1.78 / 1 Pieces)
€8.90 * €9.50 *
Nanotol Allround-Set XL Car, Sanitary, Household- Allround-Set
XL Car, Sanitary, Household Allround-Set This set is perfect if you want to use Nanotol for different kind of surfaces in your household. For example, if you want to seal your windows, your shower, smartphone, eyeglasses or your car, you don't have to order all...
1 Package(s)
€224.90 * €239.40 *