Nanotol Auto, Boot & Freizeit Set „S“
Nanotol Car, Boat & Leisure Set
Nano-sealing set for car, boat, caravan or motorcycle, for paint, rims, glass, plastic and fiberglass. Complete set - with Step 1 Cleaner and Step 2 Protector (nano-sealing)
From €29.90 *
nanotol cloth for eyeglasses white
Nanotol Mineral Surfaces Protector
Lotus effect - Impregnation for granite, natural stone, concrete, cement, paving stones or roof tiles. Suitable for all mineral surfaces. Water and dirt repellent. Protection against moss and discoloration.
From €6.90 *
Nanotol coating for the kitchen
Nanotol Sanitary 2in1 Cleaner + Protector
Bath cleaner & nano-coating for shower, bath ceramic, fittings - lime remover. Combination of Nanotol sanitary cleaner and protector (coating). For weekly application on all surfaces in the sanitary area. Prevents lime deposits and provides a long-term dirt and...
From €3.90 *
convertible soft top coating 250 ml
Set of 5 Nanotol Fluffy Polishing Cloths made...
Inexpensive set of 5 pieces. Great for car paint – thick, fluffy and very soft.
€29.90 * €34.50 *
microfiber cloth for sanitary facilities
Set of 5 Nanotol Microfiber Cloths for glasses...
Set high-tech microfiber cloths for glasses and displays. Cleans without streaks, for dry and wet use, washable and great on surfaces coated with Nanotol.
€8.90 * €9.50 *