Can I safely use Nanotol?

Yes - absolutely! Nanotol products do not contain any dangerous nano particles. Nanotol has a mesh structure consisting of nanopolymers and was classified as being harmless to health. It was proven that Nanotol does not emit any nano material. It presents no risk for human and nature. Furthermore, Nanotol is biodegradable according to the latest OECD regulations. Should particles enter the groundwater, they are broken down into small and simple basic units. In the end, all that remains is carbon dioxide (C02), water (H20), mineral salts and biomass.

Due to the possibility to clean coated surfaces just with water, it is also possible to reduce the environmental impact caused by surfactants.


What kind of Nanotol Protectors are available?

We have three different Nanotol Protectors. The difference between all three is the different „docking“ procedure on the surface:

1. Nanotol Protector for all non-absorbent surfaces
    Suitable for metal, glass, plastic, chrome, paint etc.

2. Nanotol Protector for absorbent mineral surfaces
    Suitable for concrete, plaster, clay, bricks, paving stone etc.

3. Nanotol Protector for untreated textiles
    Suitable for all kind of fabrics, clothes, shoes, awnings, etc.


Why are there different categories for car, household and sanitary area?

Nanotol Protector can only be effective on a very clean surface. Precleaning is therefore very important and different in the above categories. In sanitary areas, often lime residues stick on surfaces such as on a shower cubicle. It is imperative to remove all residues. Stubborn dirt often sticks on cars and a sensitive surface in a household requires special care.

This is the reason why we have developed a special cleaner for each category. The Cleaner does not contain any anionic surfactants, no alcohol or solvents and it is easily biodegradable.

Mineral surfaces can be cleaned with a high pressure cleaner prior to applying Nanotol Mineral Surface Protector. Fabrics need to be washed and dried first before applying Nanotol Textile Protector. There are no special cleaners in both areas. In case of stubborn stains, both can be cleaned with Nanotol Household Cleaner, if necessary.


Is there one coating for cars, windows and shower cubicles?

If you want to protect several objects you should order following products:

1. Nanotol Household Protector 1 Liter - sufficient for 160 m² and all smooth surfaces

2. Nanotol Household Cleaner 500 ml

3. Nanotol Car, Boat & Leisure Cleaner 500 ml

4. Nanotol Sanitary Cleaner 500 ml

5. Microfiber cloths to activate nanopolymers and polish surfaces

You can clean and coat everything with the above products. Nanotol Household Protector is suitable for all surfaces in your house, vehicle and descaled shower glass and sinks.


Can Nanotol withstand temperature?

Yes, Nanotol can withstand permanent temperatures up to 200 °C.


Does Nanotol contain organic solvents or alcohol?

No, Nanotol does not contain any organic solvents or alcohol. This has following benefits:
- Nanotol does not smell
- Nanotol does not evaporate
- Nanotol does not harm the surface
- Nanotol dries much more slowly, you don’t need to hurry with polishing the surface
- Nanotol is not hazardous and therefore can easily be dispatched


Most of the other nano coatings contain organic solvents and alcohol which damage plastic joints. Caution: Any nano coating with the label „highly flammable“ contains organic solvents or alcohol.


Is Nanotol resistant to acids and alkalis?

Nanotol is absolutely resistant to acids and alkalis up to 12. All other nano sealants are less resistant (ph 4-8).


Why does Nanotol work on all surfaces and other coatings only on certain ones?

Nanotol is a watery dispersion of nanopolymers. These nanopolymers are bonded to a king of synthetic mesh that acts as a carrier. This synthetic mesh attaches to all surfaces like Velcro. In addition, Nanotol bonds to the surfaces by Van der Waals forces. Nanotol does not react chemically with the surface and does not change it. Other coatings based on nanoscale ceramic particles need material-specific anchor molecules, e.g. glass needs SiO2 (silicon dioxide). Each surface needs a different coating.


Why are there so many different coatings on the market?

Most of these products contain solvents based on nanoscale ceramic particles. The manufacturer of these particles makes them freely available under a private brand. Products with nanoscale ceramic particles and solvents are thus bottled more or less professionally and sold under various company names. These providers are not manufacturers; they often lack professional competence in the cleaning product, coating, and nanotechnology sector.


Is Nanotol food safe?

Nanotol was tested by the LGA and other labs like CBA. The samples have been classified as being harmless when coming into direct contact with food and comply with the regulations of §31 LFGB (food, commodities and animal feed etrusted-widget).


Is Nanotol biodegradable?

Yes, Nanotol Cleaner and Projector was tested 2010 according to the requirements of the OECD and EU regulations. Nanotol Cleaner is easily biodegradable according to OECD 301A and EU C.4-A, Nanotol Protector is biodegradable according to OECD 302B and EU C.9-C.


Can I use the Protector without Cleaner?

No you should always clean the surface with the Cleaner prior to coating with the Protector. No residues of other cleaners or dirt should be left on the surface to allow the Protector to bond completely with the surface.


Can Nanotol Cleaner be used alone?

Yes, if you want you can also use Nanotol Cleaner without the Protector. Nanotol Cleaner thoroughly but gently cleans all surfaces. You will be amazed!


Can I buy Nanotol Protector or Nanotol Cleaner separately?

Of course you can buy Nanotol Cleaner and Nanotol Protector separately. Nanotol Cleaner and Protector is available in various categories and in different sizes. If you have any questions call us +0049 (0)8081/952530. We are happy to answer your questions and help you choose the right product! Our office hours are from 8 to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. If you want to test Nanotol for the first time, we recommend to buy an “All-Inclusive-Set” because this combination is simply the best bargain.


My car has been waxed, can I apply Nanotol anyway?

No, you have to remove the wax first otherwise Nanotol cannot bond with the metal surface.


My car paint has small scratches. Will they disappear after applying Nanotol?

No. Nanotol does not fill the scratches. Please use the appropriate polishes prior to applying Nanotol Protector.


Is Nanotol also suitable for new car paint?

Yes, Nanotol is perfect for new car paint, because it contains no solvents or abrasive particles and preserves the condition of the surface.


My car has a few small scratches, how shall I pretreat the car paint?

How to treat scratched vehicles:

  1. Wash the car with diluted Nanotol Cleaner. Ideally use desalinated or distilled water.
  2. Polish the paint with Nanotol polishes. They are great to be used prior to coating the car with Nanotol Protector.
  3. Spray Nanotol Protector on the surface and spread with a sponge cloth. Let it dry. Polish with the white microfiber   cloth or fluffy cloth.


I have a new car, do I still have to preclean it with Nanotol Cleaner?

Yes, please use Nanotol Cleaner before you start coating with Nanotol Protector. Nanotol Cleaner is optimally preparing the surface for the coating. New cars often have a wax protection. It is imperative to remove the wax prior to coating the surface.


I have used Nanotol in the bathroom. The water doesn't run off properly.

It seems that you have very hard water. Limescale on a surface is like a mounting range for nanopolymers in Nanotol, the meshlike structure of nanopolymers cannot really be effective. Please descale the surface prior to applying Nanotol Protector.


How should Nanotol be used?

Nanotol is very easy to use. Take a look at the detailed instructions .


Are Material Safety Sheets available?

Yes, our MSDS are available  here.


Can Nanotol be sprayed on?

Yes, it can be sprayed harmless. Our spray bottles do not contain any aerosol and there is no misting.  Car cleaning experts or building cleaner can use a spray gun to apply Nanotol. If you have any questions dial +0049 (0)8081/952530. Our office is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.