Properly clean a shower with a nano coating

How do you clean a shower with nano-coating?

Lime and water stains occur when residual water dries on the walls of the shower cubicle after the shower. Therefore, a shower cabin should be dried with a puller or microfibercloth after using the shower. But who really does that? If the water drops dry by themselves, dirt and limescale can remain. These so-called water stains are supposed to be prevented by a nano-coating. The water can simply dry on a coated shower wall without leaving water stains that can only be removed by laborious cleaning.

Nano-coating brings these advantages:

  •     less residual water on the shower glass
  •     Water stains that can be easily wiped away
  •     no connection between glass and lime
  •     easy cleaning of the glass surfaces
  •     no chemical cleaners necessary any more


How does a nano coating work in the shower?

The surfaces to be coated must first be cleaned thoroughly and be absolutely free of lime and other dirt. The sealant is applied after cleaning and spread over the surface of the shower cubicle. After the coating has dried, the nanopolymers are activated by polishing with a microfiber cloth. You can immediately feel the very, very smooth surface on which dirt and lime residues can no longer settle so quickly. However, in order for the coating to offer lasting protection, it must be refreshed after some time.


How can one imagine the beading (the lotus effect)?

How do you clean a nano coated shower?

Under no circumstances should aggressive or chemical cleaning agents with alcohol or anionic surfactants be used, otherwise the sealant will be attacked. However, this does not mean that you no longer have to clean the shower cubicle. It is best to use a puller regularly to remove the moisture from the glass walls. A quick cleaning in between can also be carried out with a microfiber cloth. If the nano-coating has been processed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, you do not need any other cleaning agents apart from water.


How long does a nano coating last in the shower?

Showers are usually cleaned with sanitary cleaners once a week. If you use a refresher instead, you can maintain the effect of the nano-sealant and extend it forever.


Differences between factory-coated shower glass and a subsequently applied nano coating


 Factory coated shower glass

  • Surcharge for lotus effect
Shower glass that is already equipped with a water-repellent glass coating by the manufacturer costs significantly more than uncoated glass, since the coating is applied to the glass of the cabin in a complex process at the factory.
  • Coating on one side
Only the side that will later be on the inside, i.e. that will be hit by the water, will be selected.
  • Effectiveness for many years
The beading effect lasts for a few years with consistent care (no harsh cleaning agents and no wrong cloths).
  • No refresher possible
Wrong care destroys the layer. The "factory" coating cannot be repaired or refreshed.


Subsequently coated shower glass

  • Costs around 20 euros
Any uncoated shower, whether made of glass or plastic, can be subsequently sealed at home.
  • Coating on both sides is possible
Due to the sealing on both sides, you get an even higher transparency and can also clean the outside more easily.
  • Lifetime effectiveness
Because you self-applied nano seal can be refreshed again and again, the effect lasts for the entire service life.
  • Refreshment when cleaning
Modern nano coatings can be refreshed with a special cleaning agent. Instead of a normal cleaner, you can use the care product if necessary and can maintain the effect as long as you have the shower.


Both coatings, applied at the factory or applied by yourself, do not differ in terms of effect.



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