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Portol stone coating 5000 ml Medium polish no. 2 for car paint
Nano compaticle abrasive paste. Removes small and medium scratches as well as holograms caused by car wash facilities.
1 Liter
€39.90 *
Mixflasche Nanotol Auto, Boot + Freizeit Cleaner (leer) Mix bottle Nanotol Car, Boat & Leisure Cleaner...
Bottle for dilution for Car, Boat & Leisure CLEANER Concentrate. Mixing ratio for light soiling: Dilute 1:50 with water (20 ml to 1 L water = 2 caps of concentrate)

1 Pieces
€2.50 *
Nanotol Feinschleifpolitur 3 - 1000 ml Microfine polish no. 3 for car paint
Removes P3000 scratches and creates a shiny finish after using polish no.1 and no.2 for perfect results. Can be used on new and old paint. The nanotol fine polish creates a brilliant shine without grey film or streaks and is suitable for...
1 Liter
€49.90 *