Textol Pro shoe coating for suede Nanotol Sanitary Set
Sanitary set with nano-coating, biological, bath cleaner set with lotus effect for the bathroom with cleaner and protector for shower cubicles, ceramic, taps, tiles. Household cleaner, lime remover, glass cleaner.
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Nanotol coating for the kitchen Nanotol Sanitary 2in1 Cleaner + Protector
Bath cleaner & nano-coating for shower, bath ceramic, fittings - lime remover. Combination of Nanotol sanitary cleaner and protector (coating). For weekly application on all surfaces in the sanitary area. Prevents lime deposits and...
From €3.90 *
Nanofix sanitary coating 5000 ml Nanotol Sanitary Protector
Step 2: For nano coating the clean surface in a bathroom and sanitary area. Limescale problems is a thing of the past with Nanotol Sanitary Protector Nanopolymers provide protection against dirt and limescale, everything stays clean much...
From €9.90 *
Nanotol Sanitär Cleaner Konzentrat 500 ml Nanotol Cleaner Concentrate
Step 1: Great for deep cleaning all surfaces in the sanitary area and perfect as a preparation for coating with Nanotol Sanitary Protector. The Cleaner enters the pores of the surface and gently but thoroughly removes dirt, limescale and...
From €4.90 *