Nanotol Mineral Surfaces Protector

5 Liter - Langjährige Steinversiegelung für Granit, Naturstein, Beton, Zement, Pflastersteine oder Dachziegel. Für alle mineralischen Oberflächen geeignet. Wasser und Schmutz abweisend. Schutz vor Vermoosung und Verfärbung.

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Content: 5 Liter

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  • Nano coating for porous mineral surfaces
  • invisible (no visual change to the surface)
  • Repels water, dirt and oil
  • Reduction of moss and algae formation
  • Reduction of frost damage
  • Permeable to vapor - no barrier layer
  • Pressure cleaner resistant, UV-stable, odorless (without alcohol)
  • Reach approx. 20 sqm / liter depending on the absorbency of the surface
  • Double application wet on wet


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Nano Stone Coating for all open-pored stones, bricks, concrete, cement, clay, gypsum or plaster... more

Nano Stone Coating for all open-pored stones, bricks, concrete, cement, clay, gypsum or plaster


The nano coating repels water and avoids the adhesion of dirt. Mineral surfaces are protected against moss and discoloration.


Product information Nanotol Protector for mineral stones

Type of product Nano coating for mineral surfaces
Mixing ratio Ready to use
Range approx. 20 m² per L (depending on the absorbency)
Possible sizes 50 ml for approx. 1 m²
  125 ml for approx. 2 m²
  250 ml for approx. 5 m²
  500 ml for approx. 10 m²
  1000 ml for approx. 20 m²   
  5 Liter for approx. 100 m²   
Additional information
  • Open to vapor diffusion (no water stagnation)
  • Resistant to high pressure jet cleaners (up to 60 bar)
  • Weathering resistant (ice and snow have no influence)
  • UV-stability
  • Without alcohol and solvents (odorless)
  • Does not change the appearance of the surface
  • Food safe


Possible areas of application

Nano coating for roof tiles / roof stones

Roof tiles lose their protective function over the years due to rain, UV radiation, frost and aggressive environmental influences. If water can penetrate, frost damage, moss growth and unpleasant discoloration follows. Nanotol coating reduces such damages and significantly increases its durability. The "roof coating" is an inexpensive alternative to new roofing if no major damage has yet occurred. Porous tiles and roof tiles become "tight" again and can repel water and dirt far better. This measure only costs half of a new roofing and can last for 10 years - the roof that actually needs to be replaced can therefore still be used. The diffusion openness and thus the mould resistance are not affected by a sealant.


Nano coating for facades / plaster

Sealing facades is an important measure to protect plaster and façade and the masonry underneath. The plaster layer is the outer shell of a house and is very exposed to weather conditions. Without suitable protection, moisture penetrates masonry. This leads to damages on plaster and wall paint. In addition, damp masonry can contribute to mould build-up, a poorer indoor climate and increased heating costs. Not to mention the visual impairment caused by premature ageing. The nano coating gives the facade the necessary protection against water and dirt. Rainwater can drain off quickly before the masonry absorbs the moisture. Dirt particles are also washed off and the facade remains as good as new and beautiful.


Nano coating for walls / concrete blocks

Water absorption in walls and concrete blocks leads to discoloration and moss formation within a few weeks. That’s because spores and pollen are washed into the stone together with rainwater. This, under humid conditions, is a good nourishment for moss to grow. The surface becomes greenish or brownish. This is a slow process and destroys the building material inside. By hydrophobizing with Nanotol, the penetration of water is significantly reduced and the discoloration is prevented or at least slowed. Masonry remains as good as new and beautiful much longer.


Nano coating for patio

A hydrophobic treatment is a sensible measure to maintain value against moss formation and discoloration even on stone terraces. On horizontal surfaces, however, water should always be drained off. A slight incline is sufficient for rainwater to drain off.  
In case of standing water, it must be taken into account that long-term water pressure will still cause moisture in stones. Sealing with Nanotol ensures that impurities can be removed much more easily.


More benefits

  • Less adhesion of dirt – dirt cannot penetrate into the surface, it is easy to clean)
  • Protection against oil stains in garage entrances (water, oil and grease repellency)
  • Reduces growth of moss and fungus (plants don’t have water to grow)
  • Reduction of frost damage (water cannot penetrate into the sealed surface)


Great for

  • bridge
  • buildings
  • cement
  • clay
  • cobblestone pavement
  • external plaster
  • facades
  • granite
  • grave stone
  • indian sandstone
  • house walls
  • limestone
  • panelling
  • paving stone
  • plaster
  • roof tiles
  • sand stone
  • slate
  • stairs
  • statue
  • stones
  • supporting walls
  • terrace stones
  • tiles
  • underpass
  • wall covering
  • walls
  • well




Our comment on "Nanotol Mineral Surfaces Protector"
Nanotol – We take environment friendliness seriously Nanotol Protector for mineral surfaces is... more

Nanotol – We take environment friendliness seriously

Nanotol Protector for mineral surfaces is very eco-friendly, not only because of its long lasting effect, but mainly because of its protective functions. It protects against early ageing and discoloration due to environmental influences.

  • Eco-friendly – coating with Nanotol makes cleaning easier without the use of surfactants
  • Suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs
  • Without solvents
  • Microplastic-free, fragrance-free and vegan
  • Skin-neutral
  • Food safe
  • Gentle, thorough cleaning without scrubbing
  • Universal use
How to use Nanotol Protector for mineral surfaces Cleaning The surface must be clean.... more

How to use Nanotol Protector for mineral surfaces


The surface must be clean. Remove loose parts before sealing. A high-pressure cleaner is ideal for this. Detergents and a brush are also suitable. Before sealing, cleaning agent residues should be thoroughly removed to avoid chemical irritation.

Important: Let the surface dry completely before sealing so that the Protector can penetrate as deeply as possible into the pores.

Nano Coating

Treatment with Nanotol Protector for mineral surfaces is very easy.

Spray the surface until you get the impression that the Protector has penetrated every pore. We recommend working twice in a row, wet on wet. The second time the Protector only runs into "still dry" pores.

Then the surface just needs to dry. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours. It shouldn't rain during this time.


Since we do not work with propellants or other harmful ingredients, you can work safely indoors and outdoors. Coated surfaces can be used barefoot without hesitation.


Depending on the use the duration of the nano coating differs from application to application and depends on the use. Vertical facades or roof tiles have the longest shelf life here. Wear goes hand in hand with abrasion from wind and weather influences. You can trust the effect for many years.

Surfaces that are regularly walked on or driven with a car are more subject to wear, especially in high-traffic areas. A patio e.g. should be regularly re-sealed at the entrance to the house where people walk most frequently. You can easily re-spray here, because the areas that are still sealed do not absorb any more liquid. The protector lasts much longer at the edges of the terrace.


Soiling can be removed from coated surfaces very easily. Use the garden hose or a brush with water, depending on the circumstances. Detergents are allowed. If your surface is heavily soiled, you can spray it off with a high-pressure cleaner. The Protector is pressure washer resistant up to 50 bar.

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